John Perry on Becoming a Classical Musical Conductor

John Perry is a New York Times best-selling author and ghost writer. He has written major biographies of historical figures and co-written popular novels. But, as a student, Perry was drawn to music as well. He studied English and piano at Vanderbilt University and even began his career working as a radio producer in Houston. He followed his musical interests to Nashville, where he brushed shoulders with some of the music industry’s biggest stars. While writing eventually became his bread and butter, music was once one of Perry’s career paths.

Like many aspiring classical musicians, a young Perry considered a career as a classical music conductor. With music still playing a big role in his life, Perry outlines some of the steps required to achieve this goal.

Be a Musical Generalist

Get Educated

Gain Experience

Land the Job


New York Times best-selling author John Perry was born in Greensburg, Kentucky, and raised in Houston, Texas | | Nashville, TN |