Piano Buying 101 With Author John Perry

If you’ve been taking piano lessons and are ready to invest in your own instrument, there are some things you need to know. At first glance, the range of options can seem overwhelming. However, author John Perry explains that a little bit of research goes a long way towards finding the right instrument at a fair price. As an avid player, John Perry provides some helpful tips when it comes to investing in your first piano.

Research, Research, Research

Considering Brands

As no two pianos are alike, the brand alone will not automatically direct you towards a good instrument. Author John Perry explains that a high-end brand of used piano that has been neglected may not be as good as a medium quality piano in top condition. However, brands give some indication of the quality of your purchase. One brand John Perry often ends up recommending is Kawai — a Japanese company that offers consistently good quality at a fair price. Another excellent Japanese maker is Yamaha, whose pianos are generally a little more expensive and are extremely popular. Several Nashville recording studios have Yamahas because they’re a quality instrument for the price, hold up under heavy use, and are very consistent in tone. As John Perry adds: “Other brands I like are Mason & Hamlin (American made), Petrof (Czech), Schimmel and Seiler (both German). I own a Seiler and enjoy it very much. It’s the only new piano I’ve ever bought.”

Expensive Pianos

Affordable Pianos

Pianos are one of the most wide-ranging of all consumer goods when it comes to cost. A fair price will vary based on the region of the country and your personal taste. John Perry reports that he has played a decent, serviceable piano suitable for beginners that cost $695. Depending on location and condition, a used Kawai upright similar to what he has recommended in the past might cost anywhere from $4,500 to $9,500. A good used Steinway grand will cost around $30,000 and up. A new top-of-the line Bösendorfer will set you back $225,000 in ebony or a little over $300,000 in mahogany. However, in 2121, it will still sound fantastic.

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